.....all who are considering your company will be invited and welcomed to call me if they so desire

Hi everyone at Foreman Bros. I just want to thank each and every one of you for all the help and great work you have been doing on our buildings at Reflections 11 to date. I can’t say enough about your crew, their tenacity during adverse weather conditions and the affable attributes. Second to none. They are a hellavu crew.

I can be objective as I have dealt with carious contractors during my Board tenure, and YOU are without a doubt the best to date. I mentioned to Nadyne how excited, pleased and impressed I am with your total commitment to this project. If I was more agile, I would consider doing handsprings when this project is completed.

My reason for this comment, is because people are quick to criticize but not praise. Well, guess what? This is something that needed to be said, and I can only wish you success in all of your contracting endeavors. Please be advised that when this project is totally completed I will write Foreman Bros a glowing recommendation letter, and all who are considering your company will be invited and welcomed to call me if they so desire. Again, my many thanks so far on what you have accomplished.

Sharon Bury
Reflections 11 Condos - President

This is an open letter to anyone who's considering Foreman's Painting & Home Improvements Company for work on their home....

This is a letter to highly recommend Foreman's. I've been a home-owner for 35 years, and have worked with a lot of different companies -- 35 years of experiences, some good...some disastrous.

I've worked with Foreman's on more than one occasion, and have had an excellent experience with them each time.

There's a reason that Foreman's has been in business as long as they have, and there's a reason that they have such a solid reputation. Most reputable companies will do a "good" job... What distinguishes Foreman's is that not only do they do an excellent job, but that they absolutely stand by their work, and will go that extra mile to make things right.

Talent and expertise are only two qualities you'll want to look for before contracting with someone. Foreman's definitely has the talent and the expertise. But they also have unquestionable INTEGRITY.....and in a world where that's becoming rarer and rarer, it sets them apart from the crowded.

If you're in need of a company to do an excellent job, and stand by their work, Foreman's is a company I would recommend without hesitation.

Lane Nichols

Subject: Water Damage Painting

Hi Jennifer! I wanted to send you an email and hoped that you would forward it to an ppropriate contact at Foreman's as it Isan email for you both. Yesterday, two gentlemen came to paint my bathroom and I wanted to express my complete satisfaction with their work. The men were incredibly professional. They protected my floors with plastic coverings/all the way from my entry door to the bathroom, the made zero mess, left no paint spills anywhere, and - truly - did an exc ellent paint job with crisp, clean lines. Additionally, they were able to match my previous color perfectly! My bathroom looks just as beautiful as the day I moved in and I could not be more pleased with the gentlemen and the service rendered. They did an excellent job and I thank you.

Lenssa Rentas
1315 East Blvd. #333

Foreman's Painting 10833 Monroe Road Matthews, NC 28105

We want to take the opportunity to let you know how pleased we are, not only with the job you did on our house, but the manner in which you did it. Unfortunately, we don't see these kinds of high standards much anymore, but your group was superb. Your crew was pleasant, courteous, hard working and very professional. We watched them as they worked and not only did they do a thorough job quickly, they went the extra mile to make sure we were pleased with the job. We could not be happier I You have obviously hired people that have high standards of excellence. You are to be commended! Also, Heather was a joy to communicate with. She was always so pleasant and helpful. She is a great "up-front" person to have working for you! We were proud to have your sign in our front yard!!! Thanks again for a job "WELL DONE"

Randall & Deborah Adorn
809 Brightmoor Drive
Matthews, NC 28105

2310 Vestry Place Charlotte, NC

I have had five paint jobs done at my above address and the workmanship of your group is the most superior of them all. The cleaning, caulking, painting, and being able to open the windows upon completion was great. You can count on me to recommend your company to others.

Tom Humphrey
2310 Vestry Place
Charlotte, NC

Mr. Vince Foreman, Owner Foreman's Painting Company 10833-A2 Monroe Road Matthews, NC 28105

Dear Vince, Elaine and I want to thank you for working with us the past six months during a difficult exterior painting. I guess we won't ever know for sure why the original paint didn't do the job, but your efforts to secure the advice of a Sherwin Williams paint representative, re-paint twice, and come out to the house on a number of occasions to look at the paint and discuss options with me were really appreciated. Many (most?) companies would have put our problem "on the back burner" or made excuses as to why it must be something we did or some defect in our siding. But Elaine and I felt that you were always right beside us in trying to figure a solution. That removed a lot of the stress inherent in paying for a house painting that did not meet either your expectations or ours. The Resilience paint that was applied last week has done a fine job. When we put the house up for sale in six months or so, I am sure that potential buyers will be impressed with the exterior paint and we will certainly not hesitate to recommend Foreman's to them.

Frederick Heitman
2520 Annecy Drive