Our Exterior Services Include

  • Exterior Painting
  • Carpentry Repairs / Rotten Wood Replacement
  • Decks-Additions / New Porches / Porticos
  • Siding / Windows / Doors / Replacement/ Installation
  • Exterior Trim Installation
  • Home Sale Inspections Repair
  • Roof / Flashing Repairs
  • Gutter Guard Cover Installation
  • Gutter Downspout Repairs

Our Interior Services Include

  • Interior Painting
  • Interior Trim Installation
  • Home Sale Inspections Repair
  • Tile Installation / Backsplashes / Floors /
  • Showers
  • Hardwood Floor Installation/Refinishing
  • Vinyl / Laminate Floor Installations
  • Kitchen / Bathroom Remodeling
  • Bonus Room Completion
  • Minor Plumbing / Electrical Repairs
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Foreman's Painting Company's 3 & 6 Year Warranty

Foreman's Painting Company guarantees workmanship and application for a period of three and six years from completion date of painting. This option affords you less worry and gives you more comfort knowing that you'r exterior painting will be taken care of by us for three or six years.

This warranty includes the following:

  • Peeling of paint applied by F.P.C.
  • Caulkling cracking above and beyond hairline cracks.
  • Chalking and blistering of paint.
  • Paint failures of the application by F.P.C.
  • Surface discoloration beyond normal wear.

This warranty excludes the following:

  • Prior paint applications by other person.
  • Problems arising from improper construction by builders or contractors.
  • Problems arising from natural disasters and weather phenomenon.
  • Problems arising from construction or others actions after job is completed.
  • Tar stains on gutters, red clay stains, other stains not due to paint deterioration.
  • Thresholds, decks, floors and stained / sealed doors.
  • Carpentry Repairs.

It is highly recommended by F.P.C.and all paint manufacturers to clean the exterior of you'r home every year for maximum durability.

This warranty is transferable to new home owners and can be used as a selling promotion for you'r home. An officially signed warranty certificate will be given to you at the time of job completion.

*Our six year warranty includes the use of Sherwin Williams paint.